What to expect in this course

Course Outline

✨Vibrant Energy

✨Focus and Clarity

✨Peace and Calm


How will we achieve this? 


✅ 2 LIVE group teachings a month on Zoom. + recordings✔️

✅ Access to me in our private Facebook group

✅ Interact with my amazing and likeminded community of wellness warriors!

✅ learn all the tips and tricks that sadly most doctors do not yet know, to take control of your health and wellness.

Never shared before topics include: 

⚡️The Adrenal-thyroid connection

⚡️Calming the nervous system

⚡️Key complimentary therapies to include in your healing program

⚡️Addressing the root causes of PCOS

⚡️What is Estrogen dominance and do you have it?

⚡️The Gut-Liver connection

⚡️Tapping into your inner wisdom and being your own healthcare advocate in the medical system. 

Workshop times will be announced via email and on the vibrant life Facebook group “events” a week before the month’s start. 

Welcome, and congratulations on making this commitment to your health and vitality!